Stainless steel welds need postprocessing in order to remove discoloration of the overheated areas and passivation of their surface. This may be achieved by two ways either by chemical pickling or by an electrochemical method. The firs method is hazardous and requires special baths full of aggressive chemicals which is problematic in  most of workshops. Electrochemical method is in an application, uses almost trace amounts of chemicals, which are much less dangerous for the environment. Nowadays most of the electrolytes used in an electrochemical cleaning and passivation are based on low concentrated phosphoric or citric acids.

Most of the commercially available machines for an electrochemical stainless steel cleaning and passivation use carbon brushes. Carbon is a perfect electric conductor it is passive in ongoing chemical reactions while it is also resistant to high temperatures, thus perfectly plays a role of an electrode. The only one problem is that due to friction and burning the length of the brush decreases as a function of the time of use.

Our invention

EndlessBrush - standard configuration
Cartridge with carbon yarn

Endless brush invented by us is a versatile tool for TIG stainless steel welders.


Our tool allows to work:


Splitting the brush into two parts: main holder with elektrolyte pipe, lamp and cables and carbon fiber cartridge allowed the reduction of costs of the brush replacement by more than 50%. When all the carbon yarn is used you replace only the cartridge containing new portion of carbon yarn.


No tools are needed. Just push safety lock, pull – replace cartridge – and click. New brush is ready to work.


Imagine: currently available brushes offer around 40 mm of the carbon fiber, when all is gone you need to use wrench to replace it, to use next only 40 mm. How much time you send only on preparing your toool? With our solution you skip often replacements.


You do not have to immerse the brush in the electrolyte and transfer it to a working area. Our automated brush is lubricated with an electrolyte always when it is in contact with the processed metal.

You may decide how fast the electrolyte is delivered to working area. White LED lamp will be lit when the electrolyte is pumped, so you may control all the process and be sure that everything goes well.


The electrolyte will be delivered to the brush pipe only when the brush is in a physical contact with the processed metal part. There are no buttons, no manual trigers, so nobody can spill the electrolyte for example onto his or her face.

Disclaimer: construction of the brush and the name Endlessbrush are protected by the patent law.